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Top Business Skills English Job Interview Success for the Non-Native Speaker

English Job Interview Success for the Non-Native Speaker

Get hired now! This online course is a complete guide on how to master an English job interview as a non-native speaker!

Complete Guide on
How to Master an English Job Interview

Are you a non-native English speaker who wants to work in the US or at a global company?
Or maybe you've already applied to a US or global company and need to prepare for the job interview.

Take this complete course and master the skills you need to excel at interviews! Learn how to speak and act like a native speaker.

This job interview preparation course has been designed specifically for the non-native English speaker. This course will help you understand what the unspoken rules and expectations are for the interview and provide detailed strategies and explanations on how to answer common interview questions.

This course has been divided into the following categories:

  1. General statistics about interviews - Learn how recruiters, interviewers, and job hunters like you think. By understanding this, get a general picture of what you should expect for your English interview.
  2. Before the interview strategies - Understand the cultural expectations and the differences in interview norms between countries. Understand how interviewers will respond when a non-native candidate does not follow the American norms.
  3. During the interview strategies - Learn how to leave a great first impression. Learn how to answer the common interview questions by understanding the interviewer's purpose of asking that the question, along with samples of good and bad answers.
  4. After the interview strategies - Learn how to write a thank you letter. Learn the proper and professional way to follow up or express gratitude for the interview.

Who should take this course?

  • Non-native English speakers who can carry on a conversation in English
  • People who are interviewing for jobs in the US or with a global company
  • People who want to know about the unspoken rules and expectations for an English job interviews
  • People who want to speak and act like a native speaker during job interviews
  • People who want to land their dream job in the US/global company and are willing to work hard

In addition to video lessons, quizzes and reference material (such as interview preparation checklists) will be provided. For any general questions or questions you may have regarding your own specific situation, please feel free to contact me. I am here to help! I hope this course will provide you with all the information you may need to ace your job interview. You may have the right skills for the job, so don't let language or cultural barriers prevent you from landing your dream job in the US or a global company!

About the Instructor

Yuko Sakai
English instructor

Completed primary education in the US and attended Sophia University (Japan). Have experience in corporate culture in both Japan and US. Have experience in the hiring process at Deloitte Tax.

Currently, resides in San Francisco and teaches conversational and business English to adults.

My greatest passion is teaching! I would love to be able to support those who want to improve on their English and grasp opportunities such as changing jobs or moving to an English-speaking country.

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