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Top Japanese Master Business Japanese - Based on BJT - Business Japanese Test

Master Business Japanese - Based on BJT - Business Japanese Test

Master Japanese Business Training Course is designed base on BJT - Business Japanese Test. Learn the advanced Japanese used in the business field.

Let's master Business Japanese!
Business Japanese Online Course

This is a Business Japanese Online Course designed base on BJT - Business Japanese Proficiency Test.

In business, the way of speaking and using words are different with usual communication.
If you use the wrong technique of communication, you cannot gain the mutual trust from customers. It will lead to so many troubles at work.

Beyond casual conversation, let's try to learn Japanese Business, enhance your Japanese proficiency at work.

BJT is provided by Japan Association of Japanese-Korean Capital Association Foundation.

Course features:

Solve practical cases which can be found in BJT.


You can learn vocabulary, expression, and grammar of business Japanese through issues compliant with the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test developed by the Japan Association for Japanese Proficiency Test Association.
Not only improve your Business Japanese skill, this course also provides you materials to prepare for BJT test.

Learn the context related to working reality.

You can learn Japanese for each scene that actually occurs in the business, such as expressions when talking on the phone, Japanese used at the meeting and expressions when visiting another company.

Learn manners and speaking technique

In addition to Japanese conversation, you can also learn about manners at work and how to write formal sentences often used in the business.

Master Business Japanese at this course and these communication skills could facilitate your business work!

About the Instructor

Masato Homma
Vice-president at Kyoto Univ. of Art & Design

Dr. Masato Homma is the founder and CEO of Learnology Co. Ltd. and the world's first learnologist, proposing a new science of life-long, life-wide, and life-deep learning. He also works as Professor and Assistant Dean at Kyoto University of Art and Design in charge of Creative Learning Center.

Dr. Homma earned B.A. in sociology (1982) from University of Tokyo, Master of Planning degree from Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs (1993), and Ph. D. in adult education (1998) from University of Minnesota. He also received a certificate in Appreciative Inquiry from Case Weatherhead School of Business.

In 1982, he joined Matsushita Seikeijuku (Matsushita School of Government and Management), where he was interviewed, handpicked and mentored by Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, Founder of Panasonic.

He briefly worked at the United Nations International Youth Year Secretariat in Vienna in 1984 and then at the Institute for Domestic and International Policy Studies as Special Assistant to Dr. Saburo Okita, former Foreign Minister of Japan. At the IDIPS, he had opportunities to observe such high-level conferences as the Club of Rome, North-South Roundtable, and the UN World Commission on Environment and Development. His other professional positions include Interim Trade Representative for Japan at Minnesota Trade Office (1988-90), Manager of Research at Matsushita Institute (1990-92), Adjunct Professor at LCA Graduate School of Business, Tezukayama Gakuin University, and Digital Hollywood University. He has authored and coauthored 62 books, including “Introduction to Business Coaching”, “Captainship",“Introduction to Group-Coaching”, “168 Hours: Life and Work Harmony through Innovative Time Design”,“Art of Constructive Feedback”, and the best-selling “Handbook of Positive Feedback”

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