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Aki Moritani

Aki Moritani

Japanese Teacher

Over the years I have created and refined a Japanese learning programme for English speakers which includes my own custom illustrations. Through teaching this material for several years, it has been refined to what it is today - a fun, clear and practical way for English speakers to master Japanese conversation.

I currently teach private students in the United Kingdom. I have previously worked as a Japanese teacher assistant in Sand Lake Elementary School in Alaska, USA. I successfully completed the CELTA course and have earned several teaching certificates.

I am committed to providing professional but fun Japanese language lessons for English speakers.

• Ochanomizu University, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (Liberal Arts and Humanities, Philosophy, Ethics, and Art History Course Bachelor’s degree, 03/2006)

• National Teaching Certifications: Social Study at Junior High School / High School, 03/2006
• National Teaching Certifications: English at Junior High School, 02/2012
• MOS Excel 2010 Expert Certification 12/2011
• MOS PowerPoint 2010 Certification 01/2012
• Cambridge University CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults), 15/11/2014
• The 420 hour Advanced Japanese Teacher Training Course, 12/07/2015

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