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Top Programming The Swift Cookbook of Code

The Swift Cookbook of Code

A library of example code for the iOS Developer - What the Apple Docs should be

Get the Swift Cookbook

This course is a compilation of hundreds of Swift code solutions neatly organized in sections for fast reference when you need it.

Each lecture will highlight example code in a brief video, and demonstrate how to use it correctly, as well as best practices for its implementation.

Anyone who writes Swift code needs this library in their coding toolbox for fast reference and usage.

Please note: This Swift Cookbook course will not teach you the Swift language, or how to code,
You should already have completed Paul Hudson's Swift tutorials at, or the Swift Mastery Course, or have written your own existing Swift apps.

Navigate through hundreds of code examples very quickly to get the code solution you need.

What is the requirement?

You should already be familiar with Swift and the app building process.

The Swift Cookbook of Code sample image

Who should take this course?

This course was designed with the developer in mind, as well as the student who is learning and has a good grasp of Swift and Cocoa Touch.

About the instructor

Stephen DeStefano
Apple Developer

Hi my name is Stephen DeStefano, I am an Apple developer and have been creating apps for 5 years now, I have numerous apps in the app store, and i continue to stay current and grow with Apple as technology continues to evolve. My goal here is to create video instruction that makes it easy for students to work with Apple's new language called swift, and incorporate that knowledge into creating some pretty amazing apps for the apps store. If your thinking that its too difficult, then come code along with me and see how easy it is to pick this language up and turn your ideas into code, then into working apps.

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Masaaki Hatano
BeSomebody CEO

Have successfully exited his startup in 2011. After joining Rakuten and Recruit helping in their corporate venture capital division. Masa have realised the critical issue of lack of vital education in Japan market. Which lead to go back to the start up scene building an ed-tech company BeSomebody.
BeSomeoboy focus on creating vital education online such as web programming, IOS programming and Excel.

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