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Top Japanese Japanese Learning Course for JLPT N1 Level

Japanese Learning Course for JLPT N1 Level

The Japanese of N1 level is applied in actual conversations, so this course is useful for JLPT preparation and advancing your Japanese communication proficiency

You can master
vocabulary, expressions, grammar, and conversation
in JLPT N1 - Japanese in Advanced level

The “Online Japanese N1 Course” is a Japanese study material related to the JLPT N1 level. This course provides vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension that corresponds to the JLPT N1 level. The Japanese at N1 level is applied in actual conversations, therefore this course is not only useful for JLPT preparation but also for your Japanese communication proficiency.

  • Special features:
  • To assure learners can study effectively, hiragana characters are added above all the kanji. Also, all the examples in the lessons are shown with English subtitles. In addition, the narration of the explanation part contains Japanese subtitles so that you can study the materials thoroughly and profoundly.

    By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

    • Master vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension related to the JLPT N1 level.
    • Read and comprehend materials written clearly on a variety of topics, such as articles and commentaries in newspapers and magazines as well as simple critiques.
    • Understand and speak Japanese on various topics in everyday circumstances.
    • Understand and speak advanced Business Japanese.

    This online course is useful for advancing your proficiency in Japanese language study, acquiring the proper qualifications of JLPT N1, as well as mastering advanced business Japanese.

    This course’s teaching materials can be used for: Learners who already mastered N2 level Japanese, learners who want to study advanced Japanese and business Japanese, and those who are determined to take the JLPT N1.

    Recommended for:

    • Learners who understand English and whose native language is not Japanese.
    • Learners who have mastered JLPT N2 Japanese or finished intermediate or advanced Japanese study.
    • Learners who want to take the JLPT N1.
    • Learners who want to study advanced business Japanese.
    • Learners who want to be proficient in conversational Japanese.
    • Students enrolled in a Japanese language school or majoring in Japanese in college.
    • International students prepared to come to Japan.
    • Foreign employees of Japanese companies who need Japanese language training.

    JLPT N1 Course Content

    1. Even excellent workers sometimes get into a trouble
    2. 優秀な社員とはいえ、トラブルはあるよ。

    3. It affects not only the atmosphere but also the oceans.
    4. 大気だけにとどまらず、海にも影響が出ています。

    5. We cannot stop the progress of global warming without our individual actions
    6. 私たち個人の行動なしには、地球温暖化を止めることはできないでしょう。

    7. Let's put my story aside. Minori, are you going to live by yourself starting next month?
    8. 私の話はさておいて、みのり、来月から一人暮らしするんだって?

    9. The advertising slogan for this model is “the ultimate elegance”.
    10. この機種のキャッチコピーは「エレガンスの極み」です。

    11. Little did I imagine that I would be in charge of such a big project.
    12. こんな大事なプロジェクトを任されるなんて、想像だにしていなかった。

    13. I have mixed feelings about the ending - I felt it was somewhat disappointing and unintelligible.
    14. ラストは、がっかりしたというか、理解できないというか、複雑な気持ちでいっぱいです。

    15. Do not ignore what you eat - you have to take good care of every meal you eat.
    16. 一食たりともおろそかにしちゃだめ。

    17. We will extend the campaign period, so you do not have to make a decision by tomorrow.
    18. キャンペーン期間は 延長になりましたので、明日決めていただかなくても差し支えありません。

    19. I couldn’t create this work without the help of the model.
    20. モデルさんの協力なくしてこの作品はできませんでした。

    About the Instructor

    Attain Corp.
    e-learning company in Japan

    With more than 15 years of experience in e-learning and education materials, Attain Corp has delivered over 1,000 courses until now.
    With its own studio to manage all parts of content creation from scenario and narration production to video recording and editing, it releases stable contents of very high quality.
    Attain Corp is always working on delivering the most useful materials to help as many students as possible.

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