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Top Programming iOS 9 Swift Games and Technique Projects: Next level Coding

iOS 9 Swift Games and Technique Projects: Next level Coding

5 Really Cool SpriteKit games and 4 technique projects

This iOS 9 Swift game course features 5 SpriteKit game projects, and 4 technique projects.
Each technique project will teach different aspects of iOS.

To help guide you step by step along the path of the code, there are callout graphics, highlighting, and deep explanations.

Please note: This iOS 9 games course will not teach you the Swift language, or how to code, You should already have completed Paul Hudson's Swift tutorials at, or the Swift Mastery Course, or have written your own existing Swift apps.

iOS 9 Swift Games and Technique Projects: Next level Coding

Things You'll Learn

You will learn all about SpriteKit as well as many other aspects of building iOS apps.

Some of the concepts you will learn and games you will build:

  • Featuring Apps built by the award winning Swift programmer - Paul Hudson
  • Build a Fireworks game
  • Build a Pachinko game
  • Build a cool Ninja game
  • Build a Whack a Mole clone
  • Build a Flappy Bird clone
  • GCD explained (Grand Central Dispatch)
  • NSTimer
  • Master UICollectionViewController / UIAlertController / CALayer
  • Master SpriteKit / Physics / Blend modes / Radians
  • Master NSUserDefaults / NSCoding / NSKeyedArchiver
  • Work with SKCropNode / SKTexture / SKAction
  • Animate your projects with CGAffineTransform
  • Create a Safari Extension like Mozilla's Greasemonkey extension
  • More then 8 hours of HD video Instruction
  • Work with NSNotificationCenter
  • Make your type stay above your keyboard using UIKeyboardWillHideNotification
  • Master SKShapeNode / UIBezierPath / AVAudioPlayer
  • Work with GKRandomDistribution / SKAudioNode
  • All projects are annotated and explained using helpful graphics and highlighting

And more!

This course assumes you have swift programming experience, and are familiar with the iOS app building process.

iOS 9 Swift Games and Technique Projects: Next level Coding

Recommend of this people

  • This course is for those who have a basic understanding of the swift language and app building process

Recommend condition
  • With your unique creativity and a basic understanding of Swift, you will be creating amazing apps to distribute on the App Store

About the Instructor

Stephen DeStefano
Apple Developer

Hi my name is Stephen DeStefano, I am an Apple developer and have been creating apps for 5 years now, I have numerous apps in the app store, and i continue to stay current and grow with Apple as technology continues to evolve. My goal here is to create video instruction that makes it easy for students to work with Apple's new language called swift, and incorporate that knowledge into creating some pretty amazing apps for the apps store. If your thinking that its too difficult, then come code along with me and see how easy it is to pick this language up and turn your ideas into code, then into working apps.

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Masaaki Hatano
BeSomebody CEO

Have successfully exited his startup in 2011. After joining Rakuten and Recruit helping in their corporate venture capital division. Masa have realised the critical issue of lack of vital education in Japan market. Which lead to go back to the start up scene building an ed-tech company BeSomebody.
BeSomeoboy focus on creating vital education online such as web programming, IOS programming and Excel.

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